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November 18 2007, 10:04 PM


How to earn gold!A few days ago I told you ten reasons why I think that World of Warcraft sucks. And yes I still play it, so far. The addiction factor is pretty high. Today I’d like to be a little more constructive and give all of you addicts some advice on how to make World of Warcraft wow gold a little more bearable. One area that I believe I know a little bit about is - Earning Gold. As some of you may know,` I quickly discovered that I had a ton of gold compared by guildmates’ standards. I’m currently level 44 and have reached a whopping 670 Gold - about 750 among all of my characters in total - and I haven’t even tried hard lately. How did I manage to earn this amount of Gold? Quite easily, actually. Let’s see. Do: 1. Start with two gathering professions: This isn’t essential, but it helps! You will gather materials and sell them on the Auction House. Start with Herbalism and Skinning. Herbalism is relatively unpopular, and while there is virtually no market for the low level Herbs, you can quickly gather Herbs that do have a market. 2. Get big bags quickly: You can buy 10-12 slot bags relatively cheaply on the auction house. Even a 6-slot bag is better than nothing. Bigger bags mean you can carry more stuff before you have to return to the city. Always have the most bag space you can afford, but make sure to watch paying reasonable prices. wow gold If you have a guildmate who can make Mooncloth bags, see if he will give you a discount. On Earthen Ring, a Mooncloth bag is worth 15-17 Gold. 3. Get must-have mods: There are various addons that really, really ease your life. Get a mod that will let you sell all items with one click, a mod that lets you repair all items with one click, get Auctioneer and Enchantrix, and get a massmail addon. 4. Always sell items on the Auction House: Sell all White and better items on the Auction House. Use Auctioneer to find reasonable prices, but also search manually to see what the current price range is. Make sure to “scan” prices with auctioneer - once a day is best, but do it at least every few days. Market prices do change over time. 5. Reselll “limited” recipies: If you come across a vendor that sells a limited number of recipies (you can tell by the number in brackets over the item’s icon), wow power leveling buy it and resell it on the auction house. You can usually make quite a bit of money this way. Even the cheapest recpies, plans, etc will go for 70s+. However, don’t resell “unlimited” recipies! People don’t like to be ripped off, and you shouldn’t do it either. 6. Drop cheap vendor trash: If you get an item you think will earn a lot on the AH, or gray items that are valuable, drop cheaper items for them. Especially if you’re in an instance. This way you’ll maximize your earnings per trip. 7. Instance Runs: If you’re in a guild and you have some bored high level characters - or if you are a bored high level character - get them to solo an instance and let you loot. Offer them anything that may need for an Alt - you’ll still make a fortune on such a run. Don’t whine or demand this, however - be nice to your Guildmates. 8. Sell Blue Items: Unless it’s something that you can really, really use yourself, sell your blue items on the Auction House. Make sure to ask a fair, but high, price. People will pay extra for the rarity, and for the “status” of having blue items, even if the items are not all that great. 9. Ask fair prices: If you’re not sure what an item might be worth, don’t be afraid to ask your Guild or the trade channel. Do make clear that you are not interested in selling right now. And, of course, you should be aware that anybody who offers to buy it right away for a certain sum are probably trying to get a good deal. wow powerleveling 10. Buy a mount: As soon as you hit level 40, buy whatever mount you can buy. The added travel speed will really help you - not only when earning money. Try it, if you never had a mount: You will not want to miss it. It may sound incredible that video games can establish an effective economy, with its own currency and value. This is what it’s happening with World of Warcraft. This is a so called MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. In role-playing games, you create a character -- one that's not necessarily like you, but one that suits your style. This character can be one of many different races, wow gold and it can be many different things -- a wizard or mage, a thief or rogue, or just a plain fighter. The goal of the game is to go on adventures with groups of friends, finding treasure and gaining experience that makes your character more powerful as he attains new levels. All the while acting like this character -- and not necessarily you -- would act. Massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPGs) have their own vocabulary and etiquette. There are very specific, unwritten rules around almost every aspect of player interaction. World of Warcraft is the best online roleplaying game to date. It's a pleasure to be immersed in this deep, beautiful and ever-changing world. Now, other games seem rather flat without human interaction. A large part of role-playing games requires calculations, and that presume the person out of the role. When you say, "I attack the tiger" -- you then have to roll a die, and then put wow gold calculations as to whether you essentially hit the beast, and how powerful. Computers were a natural put in to replace the deadly aspects of RPGs. The dice rolling and calculations still occur, but behind the background so that you're never taken out of the action. The very first outcome of this marriage of computers, multiple-players and RPGs were text-only online games called MUDs. or Multi-User-Dungeons. These MUDs dominated college mainframes in the late 80's and early nineties. Then came EverQuest -- which still hold all of the dice rolling, but added a 3-D graphical interface that showed the outcomes of the calculations. wow power leveling You still are able to see text in the window that says, "You hit the tiger for 35 damage," however you are able to also see your sword bashing into its face, and hear him tear out in pain. EverQuest was extremely successful in its time, and I attempted to like it, but it was unbelievably clunky, and boring. This does not happen with World of Warcraft (WoW). As with nearly every single Blizzard title, the game is extremely polished, has a user-friendly interface, and is basically beautiful to look at and listen to. Of all the online role-playing games out there, this is the best. All of the others, especially EverQuest II, pale in comparison. EverQuest II's interface is clunky, and there's a lot of grinding -- the act of killing the same type of monster over and over again to gain experience. There's also the overarching battle between factions of players. When you create a character, the race you choose decides which side you're on -- Alliance or Horde.wow power leveling Players of both factions exist in the same worlds and can battle each other. The interface just feels right. It lets you get down to the business of role playing, and doesn't get in the way. In WoW, interaction with other players is essential. There are certain quests that cannot be finished solo. The human element adds a lot of spice to the game. It is a virtual world in which various characters interact each other, everyone representing a player. In order to buy items, services and various goods the player needs virtual gold, that is the currency of the World of Warcraft world. The World of Warcraft phenomenon might be affecting people in a more subtle way than we think. Yes, there have been some cases of dearth (allegedly) caused by over-exposure to World of Warcraft, but what's even more disturbing is that people are beginning to spend important amounts of money for this game wow power leveling. Actually, the main source to earn World of Warcraft gold is undertaking quests and interacting with the other characters (human and non human). Anyway, on the Internet there are many sellers of World of Warcraft gold, willing to give a player the desired amount in exchange of real money. It's tempting to buy gold, however. I have a lower-level character in World of Warcraft that is about to reach level 40 -- which required four days of playing time to reach--and I'll be able to purchase a horse that will let me move 60 percent faster in the world. The trouble is, it costs around 90 gold pieces total to train and buy it. My character has only three gold now. It will take me MANY hours to save that amount of gold... or I could pay the $30 and have it now. Is $30 worth hours of my time? In World of Warcraft, gold is important. Without it, you're really nothing but a skill bar and another name with no mount. 1. Until at least level 40, only choose "gathering" professions. These allow you to collect the materials ("mats") that other players use to make items. The best professions to harvest these mats are skinning, herbalism, mining and enchanting (for disenchanting). wow powerleveling Make sure to also pick up fishing and cooking which do not count against your two-profession limit. Also, do not combine mining with herbalism as they both use your mini-map to find nodes. 2. When you are level 40, your professions should have already made you over 100g, even after you pay for your class skills. Go buy your mount with pride! At this point if you are getting the crafter's itch, you should pick up a crafting profession such as blacksmithing, leatherworking, alchemy or jewelcrafting. 3. Once you hit level 58, make sure to go to the Outlands. Because of the enormous costs for flying mounts, Blizzard designed this Burning Crusade world to make you a lot more gold than you can get from Azeroth. 4. Once in the Outlands make sure to begin farming elemental motes. These are used to create primals which are required for Burning Crusade crafting and people pay enormous sums for them on the auction house. 5. Go buy items (mostly crafting recipes) with a limited amount from a vendor and sell them for a higher price. 6. Rather than spending your money wow powerleveling on new items at the AH (auction house), go run an instance, you will get new gear, complete quests, and save plenty of gold. Tips * Sell the "worthless" gray items you find to vendors. Over time this will make you a lot of gold. * Create an alternate character ("alt") and mail all the white and green items you find to it. Use your alt to store items (called a bank) and to sell items on the auction house (also sometimes referred to as an "AH mule"). * Make friends in the game and join a guild with helpful people in it! Just like real life, social networking will mean the difference between making one gold rolex replica or 1,000. * SELL LOW AND SET A BUYOUT! This cannot stressed enough; always market on the trade channel before putting it on the Auction House, and do not undercut the other auctions, as it will start a bidding war with no winner. Use a mod like Auctioneer to auto set the price to market standards. * Sell stackable items on the auction house one at a time or in stacks of two or three. Often you will earn more gold by selling 20 individual items than one stack of 20 items. Selling in smaller stacks also both reduces your overall deposit substantially AND reduces your lost money in the event your item does not sell. Warnings * Be nice, people would rather buy 翻译公司 from a good person then some jerk. * Do not try to scam other players, this can result in an account ban. * Respect the Trade channel and do not use channel spam to advertise your items. * NEVER use "/y" to try and sell, people find it annoying, and if you annoy someone, they will not want to buy from you. Things You'll Need * A little bit of time every day. * A whole lot of patience. * A love for the game and desire to succeed. * Be able to learn how the market on your realm works, and adapt to its changes. Earning Wow Gold in world of Warcraft is a time consuming task. This site is dedicated to helping you earn wow gold in the quickest time possible. The more wow gold rolex you earn, the more fun the game is. From the beginning earn Wow gold with the 2 primary professions, mining and skinning. While you're leveling yourself you can earn wow gold by skinning everything. Many 搬家公司 skins sell for large amounts of wow gold. Mining Ores can make you lots of wow gold. To make the most Wow gold, take some time to figure out which ores sell better as ore and which sell better as bars. Earn wow gold by questing. Earn wow powerleveling wow gold by doing every quest you can find. Most quests have some kind wow gold reward. Also the items you get as rewards can be sold for wow gold. There are numerous quest that will make you wow gold wow power leveling, just for leveling. The quests of World of Warcraft are a great way to earn wow gold. Earn wow gold wow powerleveling by saving. Don't spend wow gold buying items, equipments and other stuff early in the game. Characters from 1-40 are not gear dependent save your wow gold by using your quest rewards. Earn wow gold by killing mobs. Some mobs drop more wow gold than others. Humanoids tend to drop more wow gold than others. Plus the items they drop will sell for more wow gold.

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