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November 20 2007, 12:33 AM

WoW Glider in my opinion is the best botting program available. If you already know it is as well and want to go directly to their site . If you want to find out more about it please read on. What is WoW Glider: WoW Glider is a program 翻译公司 that will play your character for you. It will do some of the boring parts of the game such as grinding your way up in levels. It will farm resources for you. It will even do skinning for you. Many people who use the glider use it for powerleveling, farming, questing (go kill so many of this quests) and the biggest one of all. Earning gold. Lots of gold in fact. I have a level 60 character that is earning 350 gold per day! There are a few WoW macro and Bot programs out there. But this one is different. This one is designed to do only what an actual player would do in the game. This may sound lame but it's really it's best feature. Blizzard states in their terms of use for the game that using any third party programs that provide automation of your character are prohibited. WoW Glider does not do anything a player would not do in the game so it does not get noticed. Compare this to other programs such as WoW Sharp that inject code into the game to perform it's functions. 机票 Their injection method got almost ALL of their users banned from the game. This was because the program was performing functions that a regular human player could not do. So they were busted. Sure there is risk to use WoW Glider. But as long as you don't do stupid stuff like tell the glider to run you into walls and make your character look like a bot it's a very good program to use. It's also very easy to tell it what you want it to do. It's much like a VCR.性病 With a VCR you can record what you see on the TV. When you play it back it will be the exact same thing. With WoW Glider it will record your movements and actions and then repeat them. It's a lot smarter than a VCR though. It will target creatures and run off and kill them, loot them and even skin them. Then it will go back to it's patrol route looking for more things to kill, loot or harvest. As you can tell from reading this I really like the Glider program. I'm a big fan of it. I have used this on one of my characters to take him all the way to level 60 in 18 days 尖锐湿疣. Why pay a power leveling service $200 to $300 to level your character when you can do it yourself? Glider is cheap as hell for what it does . There is a demo version that is free to try out. If you like it. It's only $25 to register it. Don't take only my word for it that this is a great program . Find out for yourself or take a look at these customer comments 搬家公司. All of them have been taken directly from the WoW Glider forums. LazyBoy says: "I LOVE GLIDING Tonight I glided for about 1.5 hours checking things every 20 minns and all i can say is WOW mercury ur program is da bomb, imma buy it for my friend : )" Goldengamer says: "Doubled my pleasure... Bought another WoW account last week, and I'm having a ball. Made a Rouge and Glided him up to lvl 29-1/4 so far. Put 10 levels on this weekend alone. AWSOME! Making tons of money too. I really like the idea of logging into two accounts at the same time, (on different computers of course). There is sooo much more you can do and so much more you can accomplish. The muleing alone makes the whole thing worth the extra cost. I have also been concidering opening a third account just as soon as I have 60ed in my second . I've got BIG plans... for everyone!" A vendor named Bro'kin sells the Frost Potion Recipe in a not-so-easy to find location in Alterac Mountains. You may have to climb on the wall at (38,38) to find him 搬家公司. The recipe respawns once every hour, costs 25 silver and sells for a couple of gold in the Auction House.

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